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LEED Information

Finish Codes

Most of Rockwood's products are available in all of the following architectural finishes. The catalog indicates exceptions. This finish list is grouped by base metal.

Base MetalDescriptionRockwood CodeBHMA Code
AluminumClear AnodizedUS28628
AluminumLight Bronze Anodized311---
AluminumMedium Bronze Anodized312---
AluminumDark Bronze Anodized313710
AluminumExtra Dark Bronze Anodized314---
AluminumBlack Anodized315711
AluminumWhite Powder CoatWPC---
AluminumRed Powder CoatRPC---
AluminumBlack Powder CoatBPC---
BrassPolished Clear CoatedUS3605
BrassPolished No CoatingUS3NL---
BrassSatin Clear CoatedUS4606
BrassSatin Oxidized RelievedUS5609
BrassSatin Nickel Plated Clear CoatedUS15619
BrassSatin Nickel Blackened Relieved Clear CoatedUS15A620
BrassFlat Black Powder CoatedUS19622
BrassPolished Chrome PlatedUS26625
BrassSatin Chrome Plated US26D626
Bronze*Polished Clear CoatedUS9611
BronzePolished No CoatingUS9NL---
BronzeSatin Clear CoatedUS10612
BronzeSatin Black Oxidized Oil RubbedUS10A722
BronzeSatin Oxidized Oil RubbedUS10B613
Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, EquivalentUS10BE613E
BronzeSatin Oxidized Clear CoatedUS10BL614
BronzeSatin Dark StatuaryUS20A624
Stainless SteelPolishedUS32629
Stainless SteelSatinUS32D630
Special Finishes (see descriptions below)
Stainless SteelPolished MicroShield CoatedUS32MS**---
Stainless SteelSatin MicroShield CoatedUS32DMS**---
Stainless SteelPolished 316 AlloyUS32316**---
Stainless SteelSatin 316 AlloyUS32D316**---
Stainless SteelPVD Polished BrassUS3LIFETIME---
BrassPVD Polished BrassUS3LIFETIME---
BrassPVD Polished BrassUS3LIFETIME---

US32DMS (MicroShield®): As part of its promise to provide innovative solutions to their customers, ASSA ABLOY Group companies offer the MicroShield® technology, a silver-based antimicrobial coating designed to stem the spread of germs and bacteria.

US32316 and US32D316 are made from alloy 316 stainless steel containing molybdenum and extra nickel giving it substantially higher corrosion resistance than the standard stainless steels typically used in door hardware. This finish is ideal for use in coastal, urban, and industrial areas that have harsh environmental conditions.

US3LIFETIME is a PVD (physical vapor deposition) finish on either stainless steel or chrome plated brass base material. The finish is a thin hard metallic film of extreme durability that looks like polished brass. US3LIFETIME brass finish will not tarnish and is ideal for use in exterior and marine environments.

* On most bronze finishes we will supply solid bronze material. Where solid bronze material is not available, we will use brass as a base material in its place.
**Available on select items as indicated by the finish icon throughout the catalog.

MicroShield® is a registered trademark of Yale Security Inc.,
an ASSA ABLOY Group company.